Wednesday 23rd


Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Calon 1


08.50 Welcome and housekeeping


09.30 Session I

Update on…

Chairman Mr Patrick Watts, Cardiff


09.45 Mitochondrial optic neuropathies in children- developments is diagnosis and new treatments

Marcela Votruba, Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Cardiff


10.15 Is propranolol the best treatment for Capillary Haemangiomas?

Amanda Churchill, Consultant, Bristol Eye Hospital


10.45 RASopathies in paediatric Ophthalmology

Sally Davis, Consultant Geneticist, University of Cardiff


11.15 Coffee at the trade exhibition


11.45 Session II

Free Paper presentations

Chairman Mr Robert Taylor, York & Miss Julia Escardo, Gwent


12.15 Session III

Inaugral BIPOSA Fellow Honorary Lecture

Introduced by Tony Vivian, Cambridge

Hypoplasias of the Anterior Visual System

Prof David Taylor, London


12.45 Lunch at the trade exhibition




13.45 Session IV

Claud Worth Lecture

Giant Leaps in Retinoblastoma: Saving Lives, Saving Eyes, and Saving Vision

Carol Shields, Wills Eye Centre, Philidelphia


14.45 Tea at the trade exhibition & Poster Viewing


15.15 Session V

Chairman Mr Michael Clarke, Newcastle


15.15 The cornea in teenagers with Down’s syndrome; the importance of regular surveillance

Maggie Woodhouse, Senior Lecturer in Optometry, University of Cardiff


15.45 Evidence-based amblyopia treatment – now and the future

Jonathan Holmes, Prof of Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


16.15 Inflammatory brain disease; clinical management and long term outcomes

Neil Robertson, Professor of Neurology, University Hospital of Wales


16.30 Session VI

Free Paper presentations


17.30 Closing Remarks


17.30 Reception at Mecure Holland House


18.30 Close and Evening Free